M. R. Coatings Private Limited offering its services in the Indian markets, and engaged in Ion-Plating on various Metals, Ceramic, and Plastic substrates through PVD (Physical -Vapour Deposition) Process.

The purpose of Ion-Plating is to give Decorative and Protective Coatings which have Asthetic looks, Durability and Corrosion Resistance over the base surface of the product.

The services offered are mainly on the customers supplied Articles / Products on Job Work basis.

The Ion-Plating process through Vacuum technology ensures Pollution free process and gives superior performance through inherent wear resistance of TiN combined with its Golden colours. And have Coatings of 0.1 micron of Gold over 1 micron of TiN.

Ion-Plating Coatings are possible on Stainless Steel, Brass, ABS Plastics and Zinc Alloy etc.

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